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Holistic Monthly Maintenance

Choose your pricing plan

Pricing plans are made for members who would like multiple services on a monthly basis. Each plan can be customized to suit your needs based on your chosen price range. Plans last as long as they are active and you can cancel at any time.  

Choose your pricing plan

  • Flow Membership

    Every month
    Creating Space for Wellness
    • Weekly Private Yoga Sessions
    • Priority Booking
    • 30 Days of CALMAPP
    • 1 Free Pass (invite a friend)
  • Bodywork Basics

    Every month
    Relief. Recovery. Maintenance
    • (1) 60 Min Massage Treatments
    • (1) 60 Minute Yoga/Stretch Therapy Session
    • 30 Day Calm App Trial
    • Access to Flow Yoga & Wellness Virtual Community
    • Priority Booking
  • Bodywork Exclusive

    Every month
    Holistic Health Monthly Plan
    • Personal Ayurvedic Living Guidance
    • Customized Holistic Wellness Plan
    • (2) Yoga Sessions
    • (1) Therapeutic Massage
    • *Plans are customizable. Ask to discuss adjustments*
  • Bodywork VIP

    Every month
    Personalized Holistic Care
    • (2) 60 min massage treatments
    • (1) Tantric Healing Session
    • Customized Holistic Wellness Plan
    • Priority Booking
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